Could Tim Pawlenty be the first white Republican rapper?

Could Tim Pawlenty be the first white Republican rapper?

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Gawker has a blog post up today ripping Mitt Romney's potential running mates, including former governor Tim Pawlenty.

Gawker scribe Mobutu Sese Seko skewers Pawlenty as "an evangelical Christian millionaire who favors every bit of GOP boilerplate" and gets called a moderate anyway. Seko attributes Pawlenty's centrist appeal to his nickname, T-Paw, which proves "he's just a fella... You can picture a T-PAW decal on a truck tailgate."

You could also picture Pawlenty as America's first white Republican rapper, Seko says: "T'Paw's staring down Ice Cube right now, all, 'Check it, citizen, I'm from the mean streets of Minnesota. Do you think that you are colder than I am?'"

The rest of Gawker's rundown isn't much more flattering to T-Paw: they mock him for getting his ass kicked by Michele Bachmann's "brand of subterranean-militia crazy" in the Iowa Straw Poll and say he got a job on Fox News because he's "box-factory-tour levels of boring."

On the plus side, they compare T-Paw's looks to a "narrow and pointier" version of Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

What do you think, readers? Is Gawker being too hard on T-Paw? Could you picture him throwing down with Ice Cube?

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