Could Pawlenty win a third term? Poll shows head-to-head match-ups

Could Pawlenty win a third term? Poll shows head-to-head match-ups

KSTP's latest SurveyUSA poll looks at Gov. Tim Pawlenty's chances against a current list of Democrats hoping to overtake him in the 2010 race for governor. Pawlenty has yet to announce his bid for reelection, but the data shows which Democrats could have a running start on the win.

According to the poll, Pawlenty would be reelected against any of the top Democrats in the race. It's tough to draw any real conclusions from the data since it is so early and most of the Democrats have yet to start any real campaigning for the job. Name recognition goes a long way in this poll.

The interesting results from the poll: In the head-to-head match-ups with former Sen. Mark Dayton, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Pawlenty is unable to take the majority of the vote. Dayton received the highest percentage of the vote compared to the other Democrats. 

See the full results below.

  • Pawlenty (R) 52% Tom Bakk (DFL) 34% Undecided 14%
  • Pawlenty (R) 51% Matt Entenza (DFL) 37% Undecided 12%
  • Pawlenty (R) 51% John Marty (DFL) 34% Undecided 15%
  • Pawlenty (R) 51% Margaret Anderson Kelliher (DFL) 34% Undecided 15%
  • Pawlenty (R) 51% Paul Thissen (DFL) 32% Undecided 17%
  • Pawlenty (R) 50% Susan Gaertner (DFL) 36% Undecided 14%
  • Pawlenty (R) 48% Chris Coleman (DFL) 37% Undecided 15%
  • Pawlenty (R) 47% Mark Dayton (DFL) 43% Undecided 10%
  • Pawlenty (R) 47% R.T. Rybak (DFL) 42% Undecided 11%

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