Could Deez Nuts hang at the Minnesota State Fair?

Gag presidential candidate Deez Nuts wants the Independence Party of Minnesota's endorsement.

Gag presidential candidate Deez Nuts wants the Independence Party of Minnesota's endorsement.

As Mark Meyer puts it, “Presidential politics this year seems unusually unusual.”

Never mind the hot-winded hairpiece leading the GOP field. Thus far the strangest “candidate” to emerge has been an independent calling himself Deez Nuts.

The meme-inspired pseudonym has appeared on presidential polls in several states, including Minnesota where 8 percent of voters said they would pick Deez Nuts over Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. This week a North Carolina poll found the mystery candidate at 9 percent, blowing minds on social media.

The world has since learned that da nut man is really an Iowa farm boy pranking the electoral system. At 15, Brady Olson is too young to drive, let alone captain The Greatest Nation on the Freakin’ Planet. Dissatisfied with the current front-runners, the Libertarian-leaning lad tells Rolling Stone he threw his hat into the three-ring election circus in protest. At his behest, someone with a sense of humor at Public Policy Polling included his name on its polls.

But before Twitter was all up on Deez Nuts, the gag candidate sought support from a Minnesota party.

“The next step is to get some party nominations, like the Minnesota Independence Party or the Modern Whig Party,” Olson told the Daily Beast in a recent interview.

Meyer, who chairs the Independence Party of Minnesota, confirms that Mr. Nuts emailed his crew seeking an endorsement. At the time, they had no idea Nuts was only an armpit hair past puberty. But obviously the name raised a red flag.

“The name was a little funny of course,” Meyer says. “Jokingly we said, ‘We’ll be glad to consider your application, but we have an evaluation fee of $10,000.’ … We weren’t taking it completely seriously.”

While Meyer says Nuts’ proposal to require a balanced federal budget jibes with their goals, the party boss says they would not endorse an ineligible candidate. After all, they’re a real party with a serious agenda and stuff. But “moderate" doesn't mean boring.

“We think some changes need to be made in our political process and the two-party system is broken. We mean business about that,” Meyer says. “But we also want to have some fun and here’s an opportunity to have some fun and show how ridiculous presidential politics can be.”

In sort of a spur-of-the-moment idea, the chairman says his party is considering inviting Deez Nuts to hang at their Minnesota State Fair booth.

“My first thought right now is why not? It’s fun,” Meyer says. “If he wants to come up and have a corn dog at our booth at the fair and talk about presidential politics, that’s the perfect place for Deez Nuts to be.”

Nuts did not respond to a request for a phone interview. But in an email, he wrote that he would like to swing the fair if he could.

“It depends on my schedule because school starts on the 26th,” the incoming sophomore wrote. “I really want to be there but I don't think I will make it.”

Alas, it appears geometry class and the U.S. Constitution will keep Deez Nuts from busting into the Oval Office.