'Cougar Confidence Nights' yield higher test scores, weird headlines


Is the PiPress resorting to enticingly worded, vaguely sexual headlines to bolster their web traffic? We had to wonder after coming across this headline:

"At monthly 'Cougar Confidence' nights, parents learn how to help sixth-graders improve their skills."

The term "cougar" has been ubiquitous in the national lexicon for, what, five-ten years? How could a reader in 2010 read that headline and not assume it to be about hot-to-trot middle-aged women coaching parents on how to hone their kids' pick-up skills? (Or something like that).

The story is actually an innocuous little write-up about Cottage Grove Middle School's innovative parent-student workshops, which are held monthly and aimed at improving students' math and reading skills. Read the full, totally disappointing story here.