Corpse-like woman thaws out and survives, harvesting pig brains causes mental illness


Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

A 64-year-old Duluth woman who was stuck out in the snow for hours was found with a body temperature of 60 degrees and a heart that had stopped beating. She survived, despite doctors saying they had never seen a body that cold and have a person survive. "She was ice cold," Dr. Chris Delp said. "She felt, literally, like a corpse."
Woman's destructive rampage destroys victim's life 
Yesterday we noted the story of the woman who covered a man's home in paint, left his garage in ruins with opened tuna cans and stabbed a knife through a teddy bear. The Pioneer Press catches up with the man to get the terrible story of his life since the incidents. His home is still destroyed, it's in foreclosure and he is completely broke. And they still can't find the lady who allegedly did it. 

Step down off your high horse, Edina. We know the truth now. Residents have long touted themselves as the high class alternative to the dirty Minneapolis down the freeway. Well it looks like they aren't so rich after all. Edina residents' median household income of $76,805 ranks fifth among fully developed suburbs, behind Champlin, Minnetonka, Golden Valley and Shoreview. 

Talk about a bad day at work. An Austin man filed a lawsuit alleging Hormel Foods Corp. and Quality Pork Processors caused him personal injury through negligence when he was exposed to pig brain tissue by a harvest device. He claims the device injured him mentally and physically. That's just gross. 

Some teens still think tongue piercings are cool, the Star Tribune thinks they are cool with this headline.