Corky the cat was born with backwards legs, but is now walking after surgery [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

Corky has always been adorable, but now he can get around without dragging himself.
Corky has always been adorable, but now he can get around without dragging himself.

Corky the cat was dealt a tough hand by the Kitty Gods, but looks to have a healthy life ahead of him thanks to a complicated surgery paid for by his adoptive owners.

In March, Fargo's CATS Cradle Shelter rescued Corky from the Moorhead Pound. He was brought there after he was seen dragging himself down a sidewalk on Main Avenue in Moorhead. Born with backwards and crisscrossed hind legs, CATS staff say they knew Corky would've been euthanized if left in the pound.

Shortly thereafter, Gail Ventzke adopted Corky and had a vet take x-rays of his legs. Wanting her new cat to live as normal a life as possible, she found a vet willing to perform the complicated surgery necessary for Corky to use his hind legs. Now, three months later, Corky can run up Ventzke's stairs, jump on her furniture, and do other normal kitty things.

Ventzke told that before the surgery, Corky "didn't seem to realize that there was something wrong with him, but really, he looked quite strange and couldn't walk properly."

"The first vet we saw didn't think it was possible to help him, so we went to another vet, and another and another, until finally we found a doctor who was willing to operate," she added.

Unfortunately, Corky's surgery wasn't a total success. Though vets tried to correct both of his hind legs with steel plates, circulation problems forced the amputation of one of them. Nonetheless, Corky's getting around much better with three legs than he was when both of his hind legs were useless.

"What's been just as amazing as his recovery is how his story has inspired others," Ventzke said. "One woman emailed us that his story gave her the will to start fighting her cancer again, while others have told us that they've started volunteering at their local shelter or rescue. We've received gifts and donations from Israel, France, the UK, and Italy. Seeing the outpouring of love and concern for this one small kitten has changed my outlook on life."

Without further ado, here's a couple photos of Corky pre-surgery:

And here's video of post-surgery Corky getting around well while playing with another of Ventzke's kitties:

Now if only poor children could get the same sort of high-quality, cutting-edge health care Corky has enjoyed, this would be a feel-good story through and through. Nonetheless, it's great to know that the little guy is off the street and has a happy life ahead of him.

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