Corey Curtis, deadbeat dad of nine children with six women, sentenced to breeding ban

A box of condoms costs a lot less than $90,000, Corey.
A box of condoms costs a lot less than $90,000, Corey.

Corey Curtis, a 44-year-old resident of Racine, Wisconsin, has done enough procreating for a few lifetimes -- he has nine kids by six different women.

But while Curtis is good at knockin' up, he's apparently terrible at payin' up, and was arrested last year for owing $50,000 in back child support, plus another $40,000 in interest.

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On Monday, Racine County Judge Tim Boyle sentenced Boyle to a rare punishment -- as a condition of his three-year probation, the judge ordered him not to procreate unless he can demonstrate he can provide for all his children, including the nine that already exist.

Judge Boyle also had some Judge Judy-esque words for Curtis, telling him before imposing the sentence: "It's too bad the court doesn't have the authority to sterilize."

"Common sense dictates you shouldn't have kids you can't afford," Boyle added, according to a Racine Journal Times report.

This isn't the first time a deadbeat dad has been given a no-more-breeding order in the Land of Cheese.

From WTAQ radio:

The Supreme Court upheld a similar probation order in 2001 in a case from Manitowoc County. [In the 2001 case], justices said David Oakley's right to procreate was not eliminated, because he could still physically reproduce - as long as he supported his children.

The breeding ban makes sense from a common sense standpoint, but it got us thinking -- couldn't sentences of this sort be construed as a step toward the one-child policy Michele Bachmann is so fearful of?

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