Corey Brewer rises, redux

Corey Brewer rises, redux

Photo by MGSpiller

Last week we discussed Corey Brewer's candidacy for the NBA's Most Improved Player Award. The conclusion we reached? The young fella is a deserving longshot. This week, we get a little peek into how Brewer made those mighty strides. The insight comes from David Thorpe, the noted basketball training guru (and ESPN analyst) who worked with Brewer for three weeks over the Summer and again at points during this regular season. 

Thorpe recently spoke with's Jonah Ballow. Much of what they worked on, said Thorpe, was simply rebuilding Brewer's remarkable athletic ability (and his own confidence in that ability) after last year's season-ending knee injury. Once that happened, they were able to tackle some of the game's finer points (the whole interview is

right here

, pretty interesting stuff--it includes a discussion of Brewer's shooting mechanics as well as his underrated physical strength. Imagine that.):

Once I saw him making some progress as an athlete, then we really started talking about playing smart basketball and getting his mechanics more towards where they were as a shooter and as a ball handler, and try to teach him as much about basketball. He had such a strange couple of years there, having different coaches and then the injury and having another new coach come in with Coach Rambis, we just thought it would be smart to have him understand as much about the game as possible so that no matter what Coach Rambis wanted him to do, he would be able to adjust to it.

We've seen proof of Thorpe's success in the improved jumper, the improved shot selection, the shrewd passing. And right here:

Oh yeah, and here:

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