Copper blues

Last Wednesday, Frederick Shaw was making his evening rounds in north Minneapolis, carrying a bent copper pipe with fittings and valves still attached, when he crossed paths with Sgt. Frank Holley of the Minneapolis PD, according to a criminal complaint.

The sergeant was curious: Where had the pipe come from?

Good question, Shaw allowed: He'd discovered it in an alley a block away. Shaw offered to take Holley and his colleagues to the exact spot of his lucky find.

Unfortunately for our hero, as he was showing his new friends the pipe's origins, the caretaker of the adjacent property showed up to re-board a shuttered window on his building, just as he'd done the night previous. And he recognized the piece of copper: It was a heating pipe from his building.

Holley placed Shaw under arrest. Shortly thereafter, Shaw modified his story: A couple had given him the copper, he said. In a bit of bad luck, though, he didn't know who they were.