Cop Ruby Diaz had relationship with gangster, allegedly funneled him money in prison

St. Paul Police Officer Ruby Diaz has been placed on leave and faces two counts of aggravated forgery and another of electronic identify theft for allegedly using another person's personal information to funnel money to St. Paul gangster Ramone Smaller, who's currently in prison in St. Cloud.

We wrote about Smaller's sordid story on Friday (read the backstory here), but according to prosecutors, members of Gotta Havit and Hustle Made Mafia weren't the only ones involved in his various crimes.

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After Smaller, 21, began serving a six-year sentence for attempted murder in January, Officer Diaz, 38, allegedly sent him $1,500 in money orders in five separate $300 increments.

The reason? At a news conference on Friday, St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith said Diaz developed a "relationship" with Smaller. Smith didn't elaborate, and St. Paul PD spokesman Paul Paulos didn't immediately respond to our voicemail seeking more information.

Diaz allegedly used the name and address of a college acquaintance to create the account needed to send an inmate money. The acquaintance told police "she never sent money to [Smaller]" and said Diaz "violated their trust... [she] was never authorized to use [the] information to send money to the MN DOC account of [Smaller]."

As for how Diaz was caught, the complaint says, "Two of the five on-line transactions that deposited money into [Smaller's] prison account were traced to an IP address that belonged to the St. Paul Public Schools. [Diaz] is a School Resource Officer at Humboldt High School. The St. Paul Public School's IT department traced the Western Union transactions to [Diaz's] computer."

And on that note:
-- Leah Beno (@LeahBenoFox9) June 6, 2014 Recordings of prison phone conversations also indicated Diaz was funneling Smaller money.

"During multiple conversations, [Diaz] and [Smaller] are discussing money and how [Diaz] will provide [Smaller] with money," the complaint says. "A review of [Smaller's] prison account indicates that no funds were placed into his account under [Diaz's] name."

To read the criminal complaint for yourself, click to page two.


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