Cop killer Joshua Michael Martin: Comment of the day

Missed opportunity?

Missed opportunity?

Joshua Michael Martin is the St. Paul man sentenced to 35 years in prison for his role in the shooting death of Maplewood police Sgt. Joe Bergeron.

He granted us a jailhouse interview for our cover story "Cop Killer,." While gathering some background information on Martin to flesh out our portrait, we talked to his teachers at Central High School.

One described Martin and his now-dead accomplice, Jason Jones this way:


"They were silly, normal teenagers," remembers Tonnia Mortenson, a teacher at Central.

That didn't sit right with an anonymous commenter:

City Pages, you missed an opportunity in Jessica Lussenhop's "Cop Killer" article. Who cares what the specific events of the 24 hours prior to Sgt. Bergeron's senseless murder were? His family lives the horror of those 24 hours on a daily basis, I'm sure. The real story is how did our community fail these 2 "brothers." They were not "silly, normal teenagers" as someone from Central High School remembered them. They were deeply troubled boys with a long history of being in special programs for kids with severe problems. Where were their extended family supports when their parents were paying attention to their addictions instead of their children? Where is the outrage that our communities and families create young men that engage in criminal acts because of the "adrenaline rush?" The story of Josh Martin and Jason Jones is really a predictable story in so many ways. Two people have children and don't parent them. The adults in their lives pay more attention to their addictions than to their sons and live in a gang-infested neighborhood. Why is it a surprise, then, that these young men acted in monstrous ways? The real story is how do we prevent this from ever-happening again.

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