Convicted Cop Killer Brian Fitch: "I'm Going to Die and Go to Heaven Anyway"

"I'm going to heaven"

"I'm going to heaven"

Yesterday Brian Fitch was sentenced to life in prison without parole after being convicted of shooting and killing Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick in July.

Fitch swore at the judge when the verdict came down Monday night and didn't back off at all yesterday, delivering a rambling speech proclaiming his innocence before heading to prison for the rest of his life. See also: Brian Fitch Yells Obscenities at Judge After Being Found Guilty of Murdering Cop

Here are some choice excerpts, via Fox 9 reporter Paul Blume:

He hates Judge Mary Thiesen, who presided over the case in Stearns County. It was moved there from Ramsey County, where Patrick was murdered, in an attempt to procure an unbiased jury.

"I'd just like to say on the record that it's no wonder that Judge Theisen isn't here today because she railroaded my whole case, she went against every procedure that I could think of, and I'd be sick to my stomach if I was her too."

..."she railroaded the whole case, she disrespected my attorneys several times. If look to [sic] kill, they'd be dead a hundred times over."

He didn't shoot Patrick.

"If the family wants to look at somebody to hate, they can look at me and hate, but I wasn't there during the Dakota County part of this offense. If the police had it their way, they would have killed me."

Fitch was shot eight times in a shootout with police before getting captured. He feels bad for the Patrick family, but he has a family too.

"This whole case is trumped up beyond imagine - beyond imagination, and I feel bad for their family that they lost their dad and their son, but I'm also a dad and a son."

He's going to heaven regardless of who hates him.

"I'm a Christian and whether I'm locked up or whether I'm free, I'm going to die and go to heaven anyway, so people can hate me all they want."

According to the Star Tribune, his mother and an unidentified young woman were the only people to appear at the sentencing in support of Fitch.

"As a mother, it's horrible. It's a horrible, horrible feeling knowing that my son's life as we know it, out here being free, is over. He has 4 boys and they're all good boys, every single one of them are good boys."

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