Conventions jinx the weather in Denver, Minnesota

Turns out if you host a convention, the weather in your state gets like Poochie from the Simpsons -- totally extreme.

Last night, four tornadoes touched down on the outskirts of Denver. Conventioneers watched as the skies grew dark, lightning flashed, and worried dressed-to-the-nines delegates checked their watches while waiting for the warm, dry light rail.

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota, the northeast portion of the state faces frost -- frost! -- at the tail end of summer.

These events are not quite unheard of, but unusual enough that even Matt Drudge noticed. As of this morning, these were two of the top items on the Drudge Report homepage:

Conventions jinx the weather in Denver, Minnesota

Or maybe it's me that's the jinx. We'll find out when I fly to Seattle after this for a wedding. If you've ever wanted to see locusts visit the town your ex lives in, I'm sure the political parties and I are both accepting ticket vouchers.

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