Controversy over Obama's speech to kids fizzles


Last week, people critical of President Obama's speech to kids this morning made quite the stink, accusing Obama of trying to indoctrinate school children with a socialist agenda.

Big surprise: Obama's speech is totally fine and a great message for children to hear from their country's leader. The White House released the text of his speech Monday and it was clean of any potentially evil rhetoric.

Even Newt Gingrich came to Obama's defense yesterday on his Twitter feed:

Just read President Obamas speech to students.white House posted it. it is a good speech and will be good for students to hear

Remember that Presidents Reagan and Bush also talked to students nationwide. As long as it is non political and pro education it is good

Former First Lady Laura Bush approves too.

If you want to read the speech yourself, check it out here.

Of course there are still some crazies out there who still insist of keeping their kids away from the speech.