Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore previews new movie here tomorrow

Michael Moore, the controversial director of Sicko, Bowling for Columbine, and Roger & Me, will be in town tomorrow night for a special preview of his newest film at the Lagoon Cinema. The invitation-only advance screening is for a select group of capitalist lackeys like labor union reps and finance industry mavens. And of course the press.

Moore's latest bit of agitprop, Capitalism: A Love Story, is no doubt already generating spittle in the mouths of Fox News commentators. Based on the trailers, we're pretty sure it's not actually a love poem to capitalism but a treatise on its many flaws, especially in the wake of the recent finance industry meltdown. According to press materials, the film asks the question: "What is the price America pays for its love of capitalism?" and features Moore's usual m.o. of drive-by interviews with elected representatives, government officials, and financial executives who apparently don't go to the movies much.

The uninvited proletariat can see Capitalism: A Love Story when it opens locally on October 2.