Conspiracy theorist claims Muslims have 'no-go zones' in Minneapolis

Chris Gaubatz says communists and Muslims are working together to erase Christians from America. Also, Obama.

Chris Gaubatz says communists and Muslims are working together to erase Christians from America. Also, Obama.

Chris Gaubatz and his father Paul Gaubatz enjoy a hero status among those searching for evidence that national civil rights organizations like the Council for American Islamic Relations and the college group Muslim Student Association prop up international terrorists.

The two co-authored a book in 2009 called Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, which galvanized conservative members of Congress to accuse CAIR of planting spies on Capitol Hill. CAIR responded there was nothing sinister about encouraging young Muslims to get political internships, and soon sued both Gaubatzes.

The suit swirls around the creation of the book.

In 2008, Chris got an internship at CAIR’s Virginia office, then later at its Washington D.C. office, by pretending to be a Muslim convert and Ferrum College student named David Marshall. He gained his coworkers’ trust, and then proceeded to secretly record them with a button camera. Over a four-month undercover investigation, he lifted some 12,000 internal documents, loading the trunk of his car with files to be delivered to his father Paul, who then stockpiled them at his office in Richmond.

Paul went on to post names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of CAIR employees and donors on his personal blog.

With the publication of Muslim Mafia, CAIR received a flood of death threats. The organization sued, accusing Chris of gaining entry to their offices under false pretenses, recording CAIR employees without their consent, violating a nondisclosure agreement provided on the first day of his internship, and stealing private information.

CAIR won some early victories in the ongoing suit when Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ordered that stolen documents be removed from Paul’s blog and returned to CAIR. But since then, other aspects of the case have been more difficult to decide.

For example, it’s perfectly legal to record people without their consent in Washington D.C., as long as the person recording is present and visible. The court needs to determine whether Chris could be considered “party” to a conversation he recorded behind the back of someone talking on the phone, and whether lying about his identity to gain entry revokes his right to record anything. And while CAIR insists that Chris signed a nondisclosure agreement, they can’t find and produce a copy.

The Gaubatzes have been appearing on the conservative news site World Net Daily recently to stir up support for their legal fight. In an article published Wednesday, Chris claims, per his expertise on all things “Muslim insurgency,” that Muslims have taken over Minneapolis and created "no-go zones."

“We’re seeing in Europe the migration of Muslims into European countries, completely changing the demographics of Europe,” Chris told World Net Daily.

“You have entire enclaves that are essentially no-go zones, for not only law enforcement, but also citizens.”

Chris’ attorney did not respond for comment requesting the real-world location of these no-go zones.

World Net Daily is also fundraising on behalf of the Gaubatzes on GoFundMe, falsely stating that the trial is coming up this fall. (In reality a trial has not been scheduled yet.) WND is seeking $200,000 to cover all of father and son's legal expenses, and has received about $6,700 so far.