Conspiracy fight! Fetzer boots 9/11 truth movement colleague

class=img_thumbleft>In the world of conspiracy theories, as anyone who has spent too much time contemplating the grassy knoll knows full well, infighting is more rule than exception. Put another way: While JFK assassination buffs may scoff at John Q. Public's blithe acceptance of the Warren Commission findings, they reserve their true contempt for fellow believers with whom they differ on the more picayune aspects of the plot. You know, stuff like, Was the Zupruder film faked? Did JFK's autopsy involve a brain from another corpse?

So news of a schism at the Scholars for 9/11 Truth is hardly an earth shaking development. On the contrary, it was all but inevitable.

In an open letter posted last weekend, James H. Fetzer, the former University of Minnesota Duluth philosophy professor who founded the Scholars for 9/11 Truth (and leading purveyor of the Wellstone-was-assassinated school of thought), announced that he had "temporarily" removed Steve Jones from his position as the group's co-chair. The reason? A sharp difference over whether the Scholars website should be used to advance the latest in 9/11 theories: the proposition that the World Trade Center buildings might have been felled by Star Wars technology.

Evidently Jones, who emerged as a leading figure of the truth movement after he published a paper arguing that that the WTC buildings were likely destroyed by strategically planted explosive charges, did not care for such wild speculation.

But Fetzer (profiled here in City Pages) was smitten with the Star Wars hypothesis, first advanced by Judy Wood, an assistant professor of engineering at Clemson University and member of the Scholars.

No doubt, intrepid truth seekers will click their way through the Scholars site and ther assorted corners of the 9/11 blogosphere to get all the details on the dispute. The rest of you sheeple can satisfy your meager curiosity with this excerpt from Fetzer's letter:

When Steve was nudged into "early retirement", I invited him to supervise our members' forum as well as continue to co-edit the society's journal, which he co-founded with Judy Wood as co-editor. I had become aware of his strenuous objections to having "star wars beam weapons" hypotheses mentioned on our home page. (Judy's use of "star wars" was a subtle intimation of its probable origins, but Steve has used "space beams" in order to denigrate it!) But I was acutely distressed when members of the forum were cut off from access to the forum abruptly and without notice...For this reason and other actions and communications between us, I have temporarily removed Steve Jones as Co-Chair of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. I took this action because I had concluded that Steve's conduct was undermining the objectives of the society.

Some people, it seems, just can't handle the truth movement.

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