Conservatives tea bag America in the name of freedom


Last time we heard of a dude using "freedom" as his excuse to tea bag anyone, he ended up behind bars. Well, leave it to America's greatest (and maybe the most sexually promiscuous) political party to demand that fed-up citizens tea bag their members of Congress to express their anger about the current state of our country.

We know too well that Republicans aren't really "hip" to these new terms used by the urban kids, but we'd hope they would know better than to actually tea bag an elected official. Luckily they are doing the most wussy stunt we can imagine: sending literal tea bags by mail. Lame.

If they want to get people really riled up on the issues of tax reform and freedom, they might want to liven up their national Tea Parties on April 15 with some real sexy fun. Count us in.

Beware of this update: This video features comments about Limbaugh's sweaty testicles as well as Rep. Michele Bachmann teabagging Sean Hannity. Could there be a better video?

April 15 is the big day where Republicans, who miserably lost on Election Day, will gather across the country to protest all of the horrific actions taken by the Democrats. You can join in on the nationwide tea bagging in 13 cities in Minnesota.

And if the idea of tea bagging anyone and everything isn't enough to get you excited, maybe a pump-up speech from Rep. Michele Bachmann will:

Keep the flame of liberty alive! With tea bags! Perhaps the Republicans could take a suggestion from these college students. Nope, they didn't send a box of tea bags to the editor of the school paper that pissed them off. They just dumped a bunch of animal carcasses on the guy's front step. Now these kids mean business.