Congressman Keith Ellison's mom called and told him to join the House sit-in

Thumbs up for with-it moms.

Thumbs up for with-it moms.

Sometimes your mom calls you at work and starts freaking out about last night's Game of Thrones episode and you say, "Mom. I am at work. I will call you later."

And then sometimes your mom calls and tells you to join your fellow legislators for a sit-in on the House floor and you say, "Yes ma'am."

The latter was the case for Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison this afternoon. He was in a meeting when one of his assistants slipped him a note that read simply, "Your mom called and wants you on floor!"

In this instance, the floor is the House floor, where roughly 40 House Democrats are currently holding a sit-in to protest the Congress' failure to seriously consider gun reform. Led by Georgia congressman John Lewis, the Democrats are demanding the House stay in session instead of going into recess, as planned, to vote on enhanced background checks and a prohibition on suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms.

Congressman Ellison quickly joined Lewis and his colleagues. He then shared his mom's note on Facebook and wrote, "Don't worry, mom. I'm there."