Congressman John Kline Wants to Uphold the Right to Discriminate Against Gays


Fresh off his 18-point bludgeoning of Democratic challenger Mike Obermueller, Congressman John Kline appears to be refueled with fresh venom.

In the past, the Republican, who represents the southern suburbs, has made a nice little career as the legislative concubine for the for-profit college lobby, while also directing his ire at Planned Parenthood and stem cell researchers. Now he's turned his energies to maintaining the right to discriminate.

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Last week Kline, head of the House Education and Workforce Committee, co-authored a scolding letter to the Labor Department for issuing new rules protecting the gay employees of federal contractors from discrimination. The rules now dictate that if a company wants to dine at the government trough, it can't fire, discipline, or refuse to hire based on someone's sexual orientation or gender identity.

But Kline claims the Labor Department failed to allow for a 60-day public comment period. This, presumably, would have given voice to compelling arguments on why discrimination is actually good, thus forcing the feds to rethink their position.

"Such a notice-and-comment period would have provided the public an opportunity to alert [the Labor Department] to problems that may arise implementing the executive order," wrote Kline.

He neglected to specify which problems might be imminent. Nor did he wish to discuss his crusade. Kline's D.C. headquarters directed questions to the the congressman's Twin Cities office. An interview request there went unreturned.