Congressman Erik Paulsen glitter-bombed [PHOTOS]

Congressman Erik Paulsen was glitter-bombed this afternoon after receiving a conservative award from Tom Emmer.

Minnesota's familiar suspects, the "Glitterati" led by gay rights activist Nick Espinosa, were behind the political protest, which Emmer has decried as "assault." Paulsen and Emmer were attending the Midwest Leadership Conference in Bloomington, a conservative gathering to be keynoted by Karl Rove and Governor Scott Walker this afternoon.

Paulsen was being awarded the "Friend of the Family" award for his support of anti-gay legislation.

The activist who glitter-bombed Paulsen, Michael Cahill, screamed, "You're no friend of my family!" as he showered the legislator.

Erik Paulsen: Glitter-bombed.
Erik Paulsen: Glitter-bombed.
Erik Paulsen: Bombed while Tom Emmer watches.
Erik Paulsen: Bombed while Tom Emmer watches.

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