Congress candidate Aaron Miller allegedly ignoring acclaimed journo after critical coverage

Miller is allegedly <a href="" target="_blank">ghosting </a>at least one political reporter in his district.

Miller is allegedly ghosting at least one political reporter in his district.

Aaron Miller recently won the MNGOP endorsement to run against Democrat Tim Walz in Minnesota's 1st congressional district. But his endorsement was overshadowed by comments he made during his acceptance speech taking umbrage with the fact his young daughter was taught about the theory of evolution in school.

That story, which blew up nationally, was first reported by the Mankato Free Press's Josh Moniz, winner of the Minnesota Newpaper Association's 2012 Best New Reporter of the Year for Dailies award. Miller later called media coverage of his comments "a complete distortion," and Moniz now says Miller is treating him like someone who has no interest in a second date.

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Reached for comment, Moniz declined to go on the record about the situation, but here's what he had to say on Twitter:
-- Josh Moniz (@Josh_Moniz) April 28, 2014 If Moniz's sources aren't leading him astray, then Miller must really have very little tolerance for critical coverage, as the most recent Post Bulletin article about him, entitled, "Miller calls media coverage of evolution comments 'a complete distortion,'" gave him an opportunity to try and refute the science-hating, Bible-thumping perception created by his evolution comments.

For what it's worth, Miller says in the Post Bulletin piece that he believes in "evolution with divine intervention." Sounds to us like that'd be a difficult one to try and teach in public schools, but Miller wants school districts to have the power to let teachers try and do it anyway.

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