Congratulations, Minnesotans, you live in a place where windshield fluid freezes


It was very cold in Minnesota this week!

[Audience, in unison, but sort of aloof: "How cold was it?"]

The antifreeze froze!

[Audience: *Leaves.*]

This frigid phenomenon was documented by Jessica Lamphere, a St. Cloud-based artist who stopped at an SA gas station on Monday evening. As Lamphere recalls, the temperature was -2 at the time, though the wind gave it a "feels like" temperature of -20. (Remind us again why humans live here?) 

This, Lamphere has since learned and imparted upon us, is low enough to turn the station's (theoretically!) anti-freeze windshield cleaning fluid into what is almost certainly the world's worst-tasting slushie.

Jessica Lamphere

Jessica Lamphere

When Lamphere shared her photo to Reddit, some posited that the station was "cutting" its fluid with water as a cost savings, a trick SA probably learned from its drug dealer, though one person observed that "some of those [fluids] will start freezing at zero degrees." 

Lamphere's family moved from California to Minnesota in1991, and she remembers being stunned to first experience the feeling of eyebrows freezing to your skin and frosted nose hairs. She still has family living in California, and this picture was taken for their amusement.

"They are very entertained by how cold it is here," she says.

As for Lamphere, she's become something of a winter person -- "I think because I didn't grow up here, it's still a novelty to me" -- though this gas station moment was a new one by her.

"I've never seen anything like that," she says. "I couldn't get any fluid at all from that chunk of ice!" 

Anyway: Please come to Minnesota for the Super Bowl! Maybe pack a sweatshirt.