Confirmed: U2 will play TCF Bank Stadium

Confirmed: U2 will play TCF Bank Stadium

The rumors appear to be true, judging by the ads showing up on Twin Cities Web sites this morning: U2 will rock TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota on June 27, marking the first time the Gophers' new home turf will put itself at the mercy of an outdoor rock concert. 

As of 6 a.m., neither

Live Nation

, the tour's promoter, nor

U2's Web site

have confirmed the dates.

Comparing the ads and dates posted at Live Nation, it looks like U2 will make their Minneapolis stop between gigs in Edmonton, Alberta, and East Lansing, Mich. 

Confirmed: U2 will play TCF Bank Stadium

Want tickets? Start with Live Nation and the U2 Web site.

Here's a little YouTube action to give you sense of the gargantuan stage, sound and light system the band is carting all over the globe:

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