Conan O'Brien fans rally at U of M (VIDEOS)

A small group of people that met on a Facebook group chanted in protest for Conan O'Brien Friday night in front of the McNamera Alumni Center at the University of Minnesota. They weren't really sure why they came out to the U, but they weren't afraid to ham it up for the broadcast news stations and print cameras that came to capture their passion for Conan that withstands freezing temperatures.

Some of the signs they held featured Leno's name circled and crossed out, "Team Coco" and "Team Conan."

Organized by a high school senior from Wisconsin, the small and "passionate" group of Conan O'Brian lovers came out Friday night to protest NBC for moving Jay Leno back to his 11:35 p.m. spot. While the group was disparate at best, it wasn't about quantity, but instead about being heard. Just take a look at this guy, whose passion for Conan is serious business -- his hat somehow driving home his point even stronger.

If this wasn't touching enough, the organizers were also soliciting donations to the Red Cross for the Haiti relief fund. The organizer of the event was a high school student from Luck, Wis., named Peter Langeness, who said that the group planned to stay outside of McNamera for "as long as it takes." But by that point, NBC had already agreed to buy Conan out for $33 million, with an additional $12 million going to his staff. Peter was quite proud of his "grassroots" movement, and we tip our hat to him for the effort. 


The organizer drove an hour and a half to lead this rousing rally