Como Zoo polar bears will no longer bum you out (maybe)

Como Zoo polar bears will no longer bum you out (maybe)

Remember the days of visiting the Como Zoo and coming across the polar bear exhibit? Maybe your brain blocked the painful memory from your mind. Yes, the zoo is free (sweet!) but you still felt like a terrible person enjoying your day when those enormous polar bears looked like they were plotting their own suicides.

We don't blame them. Even we felt their pain when we'd come by years later to see the polar bear doing the exact same swimming routine in what looked like an over-sized kiddie pool for giants. You could put your hand on one spot on the glass and the polar bear would give you a "high-five" every time. You'd even see kids get a little bummed out by the sight of it. Or how about the other one that walked along one of the concrete barriers, swinging its head so oddly you wondered if the poor animal was stable.

Not anymore folks! Twin brothers Buzz and Neil are getting brand new digs at Como Zoo that should be open in about six months! No more concrete insane asylum for those guys. Now you'll be able to see them do the same boredom routines in an even bigger space! With bigger pools! And they might even bring in polar bear cubs to experience the greatness of captivity. Boy we can't even contain the excitement.

OK, in all honesty, the new exhibit sounds pretty cool. If you have to be a polar bear in captivity, living at a free zoo, this is the place to be.

The project will cost about $15 million in all, with about $10 million coming from the state and city. It will be four times the size of their old living space and somehow remind them of a Hudson Bay ecosystem. I bet they'll appreciate the effort.

You'll be able to watch the bears from two outside areas as well as an indoor structure that has holding pens and training areas where you can see the zookeepers interact with the bears.

Check out the Star Tribune's story for more of the details. Buzz and Neil won't even believe it! Check out all the details at the Como Zoo Web site.

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