Como Zoo Facebook fans name giraffe Jahari Jr.

Meet J.J.

Meet J.J.

They could have gone for Cordell, Serengeti, Lance or Skinny. But no. Fans of the Como Zoo on Facebook stuck with family tradition when it came to naming the zoo's new baby giraffe.


They named him Jahari Jr., or J.J., in honor of the late father he never knew. He was born to mom Clover on Sept. 20, weighing in at 153 pounds and standing 5' 3" at birth.

If J.J. wants to follow in the old man's footsteps, he's got his work cut out for him. Jahari died last January, but he led a full life besides standing around for photos: 25 off his offspring live in zoos all over the country.

He's already looking for financial aid. Along with his naming announcement, the zoo said that he can be sponsored -- for a price.