Como Park High School teacher slammed during fight with students [VIDEO]

We have nothing to add to the "Omggggg" caption.

We have nothing to add to the "Omggggg" caption.

A public school teacher in St. Paul was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries sustained when he tried to break up a student fight at Como Park High School. How the fight started, and who escalated the situation, is in dispute.

But the moment when two students drove the teacher to the ground was captured on video by a student, and soon posted online.

That video shows the teacher with one kid in a headlock. That student doesn't appreciate this, and tries lifting the teacher off the ground, while the second kid appears to give the teacher a shove; the combined effect takes the teacher to the cement floor, where the scuffle appears to break up.

Two other noteworthy details: The videographer and narrator's audible reaction when she realizes it's a teacher involved in the fray, and the guy in the foreground who just starts jumping up and down. Both seem appropriate.

Well damn, only at como.

Posted by Lai Moua on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The school's not saying much about what happened, the Star Tribune reports, aside from an acknowledgment of a "serious altercation." Principal Theresa Neal emailed parents Wednesday, promising "severe consequences" for the students, in accordance with the school's handbook.

Mark Rawlings, identified by the Star Tribune as the teacher involved, is said to have tried to remove the two students from a classroom where they did not belong. The altercation spilled over into the hallway, where the fight's apparent end was caught on tape.

Those consequences could also include criminal charges: The St. Paul Police Department released the students without arrest, but are treating the incident as an alleged assault on the teacher.

Rawlings was taken to Regions Hospital, though the extent of his injuries was not clear as of Wednesday. Como Park is the same school where Black Lives Matter St. Paul has called for the ouster of Theo Olson, a special needs teacher who had posted online about bad student behavior.

The activist group, and its leader Rashad Turner, said Olson's complaints of kids "setting up fights, selling drugs, whoring trains" and other misdeeds had a racial component, and that he should be fired for his Facebook activity.

Olson was placed on paid leave on Wednesday, according to the Pioneer Press, following a meeting earlier this week between Turner and St. Paul Public Schools Superintendent Valeria Silva. Silva said that meeting had been "productive and positive." Turner, for his part, is also weighing in on the teacher-student brawl, saying he'd heard from parents and students present during the episode.

Those witnesses admit the students were not allowed to be in that classroom at the time, but allege it was Rawlings, the teacher, who first put his hands on the students, forcing the kids to defend themselves.