Commons park -- and Vikings welfare -- are both terrible deals


Zygi Wilf, the billionaire who can never seem to pay his own way. Wikimedia

Reader Terry Klosterman responds to Lawsuit: Downtown Minneapolis park not just a 'terrible deal,' but illegal too

I applaud John for calling attention to this issue. It upsets me when big corporations, like the Vikings, get publicly subsidized handouts under the guise of economic impact.

I drive by the park daily. While used sparingly during the normal week, it is crowded and boisterous during Viking game days. Using the public's park free for the Viking's economic gain is not right, especially since Minneapolis had to pay rent to the Vikings to use their surface lot to temporarily place dirt excavated during the building of their stadium.

John has a heart and the drive to stand up for what is right and fair for all taxpayers. Please support him in this cause! 


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