Comment of the Day: Why militarized police are no laughing matter

A scene from Ferguson, Missouri on Monday night.

A scene from Ferguson, Missouri on Monday night.

Today, we give out our first joint Comment of the Day award to two commenters who had worthwhile things to say in response to our post on the joint military-law enforcement drills that surprised and scared people Monday night.

Our first winner gets recognized because he succinctly and persuasively refuted someone who thinks military choppers flying over the Twin Cities is no big deal. And our second gets the nod for providing some comic relief.

Here's the first comment, which was written by blainegarrett:

And here's the second, from misterrosewater:

To answer rosewater's question -- yes, in fact, we have, and some would argue we've seen it too up close and personally, especially those who were startled to see military choppers flying above the Twin Cities without any warning on what seemed to be a peaceful summer night.

Still, beats playing for keeps like they're doing down in the St. Louis area. There, the militarization of the police is nothing to laugh about at all.


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