Comment of the Day: Why focus on guns?

Comment of the Day: Why focus on guns?

Do you agree with the old saying, guns don't kill people, people kill people?

Well, guns certainly help people kill people, but in response to our post about the latest mass shooting in Minneapolis, commenter Brian Defferding made a case that the problem actually goes deeper than firearms.

Here's what he said:

Comment of the Day: Why focus on guns?

There are studies that lend some credence to what Defferding is saying, but here's one counterpoint -- if the person who pulled the trigger during the Soundbar shooting (nobody has been arrested) was toting a knife instead of a gun, would nine people have ended up injured?

Then again, since the gun involved may well have been purchased illegally, it's hard to say how tighter gun laws would do much to prevent incidents of that sort.

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