Comment of the Day: When bashing LRT cite a source, please!

The "$1 billion choo choo train"?

The "$1 billion choo choo train"?

We grant that from a selfish standpoint, whether or not you're a fan of a particular tax will depend on your life situation.

If you're rich, you probably want to keep your money. If you're poor, you probably like the idea of government helping put food on the table. But if you're going to argue for one of those conclusions, best brings sources -- or at least so says Onan during a comment exchange in response to our post about state taxes in Minnesota paying for what some say are the best government services in the country.

Check out it:

Later on, Onan brought some quantitative info to the table (we'd recommend fact-checking, though -- we're talking about a comment section, after all):

Arguments of that sort always seem a bit stronger with numbers to support them, don't they?

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