Comment of the Day: When a politician's views "evolve"

Yesterday, we told you about how Eden Prairie GOP House candidate Sheila Kihne's is being criticized by her fellow Republicans for stuff that happened 20 years ago.

In Kihne's case, she's taking heat for moving from more liberal to more conservative on social issues. But maybe she shouldn't -- after all, as the years go by, one's views are bound to change.

Consider the case of President Obama. His views have also changed, though in a direction that cuts with the grain of history better than Kihne's "evolution" does:

We're not sure to what extent LGBT contributions played a role in Obama moving from being for gay marriage to opposed to it to being in favor of it once again, but money is at the core of the criticism Kihne is receiving. Some of her fellow conservatives point out that a budget she helped craft while involved in University of Minnesota student government -- a budget that funded an LGBT group while leaving two conservatives ones out in the cold -- is inconsistent with the values of the Minnesota Family Council, a social conservative group that has spent a lot of money on her campaign.

Then again, it should be kept in mind that the Family Council is funding 2014 Sheila Kihne, not the 1994 version.

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