Comment of the Day: Thanks, Obamacare [VIDEO]

Mike McFadden vows to try and take out Obamacare if he defeats Al Franken and is elected U.S. Senator.

We're sure that's music to the ears of many of McFadden's fellow Republicans, but it might not sound quite as nice to his campaign employees, who, in an ironic twist, rely on MNsure (Minnesota's version of Obamacare) for their health insurance.

That's because, as we reported yesterday, McFadden doesn't offer his campaign staffers insurance. Al Franken, by contrast, does.

That news prompted today's top comment from henk.tobias0:

Maybe McFadden is okay with his employees not having insurance. After all, in a recent ad, he made a big deal about how he once took out his son's stitches with his own hands because he was too cheap to take him to the doctor. Watch the former co-CEO of an investment bank tell the story himself:

That spot should probably come with a "don't try this at home" disclaimer!

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