Comment of the Day: Sick burn on Bachmann

Comment of the Day: Sick burn on Bachmann

Earlier this year, a parody piece featuring fake quotes from Michele Bachmann criticizing Stephen Hawking's alleged flip-flopping about his theory of black holes fooled some people.

In response to our post about Bachmann going beyond parody in a new audio clip, commenter Jeff Skinner used Hawking -- who has been wheelchair-bound for four decades thanks to ALS -- became the latest person to use the famous theoretical physicist take a shot at Bachmann.

It's a bit off-color, but it's pretty good:

Comment of the Day: Sick burn on Bachmann

Ouch! Skinner's rip isn't entirely accurate, though, as we did give Bachmann props last summer for her surprisingly reasonable views regarding the perils of U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war.

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