Comment of the Day: Quitting halfway through

Last week, longtime radio host Jason Lewis "quit" halfway through his final show, explaining that he's mad as hell about all the taxes he has to pay and wouldn't put up with it even until the top of the hour.

In 2009, Sarah Palin, a year removed from her stint as John McCain's running mate during his last POTUS bid, quit as governor of Alaska, explaining that she couldn't do her job because Democrats were making her life miserable by forcing ethics investigation after ethics investigation.

Put two and two together and you get this comment from Al Cady:

We're not sure Lewis would want Palin to "Go Galt" and collaborate on his website project, however. During an interview on Fox News last year, Palin openly mulled leaving the Republican Party, citing her "libertarian streak." Here's how Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell responded to that news:

"[W]hile a few of Sarah Palin's views are aligned with those of the Libertarian Party, her pro-interventionist foreign policy, her support of the 2008 Republican-led bailouts, her loyal support of Big Government Republicans, her social conservative agenda and her lack of concrete backing for any serious downsizing of Big Government runs afoul of the Libertarian Party's goals and most Libertarians' views."
Then again, she'd certainly help Lewis's fledgling site in the web traffic department, wouldn't she?

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