Comcast gets more evil than usual on St. Paul's elderly

The cable company denied senior discounts to some people's grandparents.

The cable company denied senior discounts to some people's grandparents.

You’ve wasted afternoons waiting for their technicians. You’ve spent an hour on hold only to have some jabroni try to upsell you at every turn. Yet you put up with it so you can overpay to watch ESPN in your underwear.

Fine. But now Comcast is screwing over your grandparents.

As part of its contract with St. Paul — at least the city’s interpretation of it — the vilified cable giant is supposed to extend a 10 percent discount on cable TV services to seniors, low-income households, and people with disabilities. However, the Pioneer Press reports that the premium channel-pushers aren’t always honoring it.

Apparently, some seniors hoping to catch bargain Andy Griffith Show reruns were asked to prove they met the income requirement as well. Others were told that the price break wasn’t valid with other promos, including the cable-internet-phone “bundles” customer service reps shove down every caller’s throat.

St. Paul City Attorney Sammy Clark is still in fact-gathering mode. The franchise agreement was renegotiated and approved in March, a month before he started with the city, but he says he intends to look into the complaints this week.

“My understanding is there have been ongoing conversations around this issue, and others, about interpreting what the franchise is and to the extent that our interpretations differ, to work those out,” Clark says.

Comcast external affairs VP Emmett Coleman did not respond to an interview request Tuesday, but told the PiPress that seniors 65 and over, regardless of income, should qualify for the deal. However, Coleman says those receiving bundle promo rates would not, an issue the city is looking into.

For now, the cane walkers are frustrated over not getting the senior discount they worked decades for. So perhaps it’s worth noting that Murder, She Wrote is totally on Netflix.