College students: no Gopher-colored beer cans for you

College students: no Gopher-colored beer cans for you

Image courtesy of Bala on Flickr The Universities of Minnesota and Wisconsin are among the many colleges that have objected to a Bud Light beer promotion: "Fan Cans" in college colors. Now, it looks like their protests have been heard.

When Anheuser-Busch had the bright idea of marketing its beer in school colors, universities were none too pleased. Recently, the local colleges learned that the company will cease its promotion of beer cans in maroon and gold and red and white.

The story is all over the local -- and national -- press. The Strib and Pioneer Press both had stories today about the hoopla, and the Wall Street Journal has also written about the issue.

The local universities are not alone in their objection to college-colored beer cans. At least 25 schools have asked Anheuser-Busch to stop selling beer in collegiate colors near their campuses, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Bruce Siegal, general counsel of the Collegiate Licensing Co., which represents about 200 colleges, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and other school-sports organizations, says his company complained to Anheuser-Busch about potential trademark violations after being notified about the campaign.

At least 25 schools have formally asked Anheuser-Busch to drop the campaign near their campuses, Mr. Siegal says. In recent letters, the University of Michigan's lawyers threatened legal action for alleged trademark infringement, demanding that Anheuser-Busch not sell the "maize and blue" cans in the "entire state." The University of Colorado, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M University and Boston College have also told the company to stop distribution near their campuses, citing trademark issues and concern about student alcohol use.

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