Colin Powell calls out Michele Bachmann

Colin Powell calls out Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann continues to embarrass the great state of Minnesota. In her latest attempts to revive the era of McCarthyism, she asks for a thorough examination of all Congress members to find which ones are "pro-America." But that's when Colin Powell calls out her nonsense. Video after the jump.

"This business of... a congressman from Minnesota who's going around saying, 'Let's examine all congressmen to see who's pro-America and who's not pro-America. We have got to stop this kind of nonsense and pull ourselves together and remember that our great strength is in our unity and our diversity."

Wow. Powell really went out of his way to destroy the head-slapping rhetoric of Bachmann. He rips apart her entire argument much in the way Murrow tore into McCarthy’s. And it’s tough for Republicans to tear into Powell—although Bachmann-style Republicans are a whole different breed. But they need to remember that this dude is America. Or at least the very pro-America that Bachmann believes we need. He’s the Reagan America.

Now, remember back to 1996? This is the four-star general many tapped as the first black president. Pundits felt like he was the one who could top Bubba in a presidential race. The guy had so many awards of valor and bravery that he ran out of room on his jacket. He was Reagan’s national security advisor. Hell, the Boy Scouts gave him their highest award (The Silver Buffalo Award, knot-challenged kids). And he went out of his way to address the madness that is Michele Bachmann.

Note: Before we proceed, it must be mentioned that Powell isn’t a total knight. He's also the pro-America dude with two gigantic blotches on his record. The first is his infamous “whitewashing” of the investigation of the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam. The second is the vile anthrax speech he gave to the United Nations Security Council in the run up to Hussein Part II. And you can also point a finger at him for removing Jean-Bertrand Aristide from power in Haiti back in 2004, continuing its pattern of abject poverty.

Anyway, he even confronted the thoughts of our Crest Ultra-bright Congresswoman and her Palin-powered cohorts who are secretly scared of people who pray more than they do:

"But the really right answer is, what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no, that's not America."

But the woman with a vacant smile probably would not agree with that statement. She hails from the embarrassing sect of Lutheranism (Missouri Synod, the drunk uncle of the ELCA) and uses her creepy smile to seduce, entertain and frighten. And it works. She continues her way on the airwaves, really seeming to believe the things she says. Bachmann holds an extremely narrow view of the US. Which made it all the more wonderful to hear Powell call out her BS.

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