Coleman's not running yet, but he leads GOP nod for governor


Rasmussen Reports is out with a new poll that says former Sen. Norm Coleman leads among Republicans in the race to replace retiring Gov. Tim Pawlenty, even though Coleman isn't even officially running -- yet. Meanwhile, another former Senator, Mark Dayton, now leads the Democratic field.

The breakdown among Republicans:

  • Norm Coleman: 52 percent
  • Marty Seifert: 9 percent
  • Tom Emmer: 9 percent
  • Pat Anderson: 5 percent
  • Other: 7 percent
  • Not Sure: 18 percent

The poll was taken Monday night, before former State Auditor Pat Anderson's decision to drop out of the Republican race.

Among Democrats, Dayton appears to be pulling ahead, after being tied with Minneapolis Mayor R,T. Rybak in November:

  • Mark Dayton: 34 percent
  • R.T. Rybak: 25 percent
  • Margaret Anderson Kelliher: 12 percent
  • Matt Entenza: 5
  • Other: 10 percent
  • Not Sure: 13 percent

In the November Rasmussen poll, Dayton and Rybak each had 30 percent support.