Coleman's lead: 238


We don't want to get sucked into updating this number every hour for the next month, but this number has stayed firm since yesterday.

We last reported his lead at 337, but now it's down again to 238.

Check out the Minnesota Secretary of State's site for the latest.

The numbers could continue to fluctuate, according to the Pioneer Press:

Until next week, local election officials will be verifying the results of Tuesday's election.

Ramsey County Elections Manager Joe Mansky said his office has almost completed verification of its vote totals. The last of the suburban Ramsey County ballots arrived at his office Thursday from Maplewood.

Verification must be completed by Monday, when local results are presented to county canvassing boards, typically made up of county comissioners, for certification.

Those results are forwarded to the state canvassing board for final certification.