Coleman's concession speech

MinnPost has Norm Coleman's concession speech:
"Ours is a government of laws, not men and women. The Supreme Court of Minnesota has spoken and I respect its decision and will abide by the result. It's time for Minnesota to come together under the leaders it has chosen and move forward. I join all Minnesotans in congratulating our newest United States Senator - Al Franken.

"Just a few last words about my legal challenge. Sure, I wanted to win. Not just for myself but for my wonderful supporters and the important values I have always fought for. I also thought it was important to stand up for enfranchising thousands of Minnesotans whose votes weren't counted like the others were. After all, issues and politicians come and go, but voting is fundamental.

"It is the essence of democracy so I knew we needed to do everything we could to get it right.

"I am forever grateful and humbled by the people of Minnesota who have given me the honor to represent them - and even more grateful for their wisdom, courage, patience and understanding over these past several months.

Read the rest of the statement here.