Coleman's complaint against Franken tossed, Franken invents anecdotes


We leave the interwow for an evening and the Minnesota race for Senate takes about five new turns. Do these people ever sleep? Or have some leisure time to relax? They aren't giving us any time, that's for sure.

Most of us tried to forget the terrible complaint filed by Sen. Norm Coleman against Al Franken for an ad he claimed was completely false. Coleman said Franken's claim that he was the "4th Most Corrupt Senator" was a blatant lie. Apparently the judge disagrees.

A judge yesterday dismissed the complaint, ruling that the statement "substantially accurate," according to the Star Tribune.

Here is the ad that raised the complaint. So now we can officially call Coleman the 4th most corrupt and not get sued!

Here is the dismissal, via MinnPost.

All told, there are three senators identified on CREW's list of the "20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress," and one senator (Senator Coleman) identified on CREW's list of "Dishonorable Mentions. ... Because the statement made in the Franken advertisements accurately captures the "gist" or "sting" of Senator Coleman's placement in the CREW listing of the 20 "most corrupt" members of Congress and "four to watch," there is not probable cause to believe that a violation of the statute has occurred.

In other words, the statement isn't really correct, but Franken fairly represented it in politically correct smearing form.

Earlier in the day, Franken's campaign broke our hearts with a story of a woman who submitted her absentee ballot and it was rejected. They said it was because she had a stroke and her signature didn't match the one in state files.

Well, turns out that story is completely false, according to Forum Communications' Don Davis:

"We are still investigating," Franken spokesman Andy Barr said Thursday night, adding that while the woman's absentee ballot was rejected it was not because of her shaky signature as he reported a few hours earlier.

The county's top elections official said she told the Franken campaign that was not the case.

"Beltrami County does not have one ballot that was rejected because signatures didn't match and the Franken campaign was clearly told that," County Auditor-Treasurer Kay Mack said. "I don't know where they are getting that from."

Franken wasn't the first one to make up stories to rile up the base. Coleman's campaign started a story of absentee votes magically found in a Minneapolis car. That's completely false, but Republicans (even the Guv) continue to use it as a talking point.