Coleman's clothes a sensitive subject, he's hurt by questioning

Sen. Norm Coleman was at the Viking Cafe in Fergus Falls today when Pioneer Press reporter Dave Orrick asked him about the reported gifts in his closet we reported about earlier today. Looks like Coleman is a little uptight about his raging affair with Neiman Marcus suits.

The Pioneer Press reporter asked Coleman whether Nassar Kazeminy ever bought any of his clothing.

Here is what he said:

"First of all, every gift I've ever received has been reported, ok. But the idea of responding to the things bloggers throw out is something I'm not going to get into. There are very awful things that are said about people on the blogs," he said.

Orrick then asked for a simple yes or no answer on the suit question.

"That's the answer, period. You can read it in the answer," he said.

Hm. I would say Harper's magazine is a little more respected that just any old person on the blogs. That sort of comment could really backfire.

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