Coleman won't endorse McCain's healthcare plan

Sen. Norm Coleman is having some trouble deciding if he agrees with McCain's health care plan. We know it's tough to actually answer a question in politics, but Coleman doesn't seem to be giving reporters much to work with. Is he distancing himself from McCain as his support disappears?

You can decide for yourself. Marc Ambinder's blog has a video and interaction with Coleman's spokesman where reporters try to get him to discuss McCain's healthcare plan.

REPORTER: If he's saying that he will potentially abandon some things that maybe he had been supporting in favor of the presidential candidate of his party's plan, what about the question about Senator Coleman supporting the McCain plan. You know, because McCain is the leader of the GOP nationally

Luke Friedrich: Well again Mark, what it comes down to is fighting for what you believe should be in a plan. And again I think that Norm Coleman has laid out a pretty clear vision of what his healthcare priorities are. And I think that Al Franken trying to not talk about where he stands is simply a lack of leadership and a lack of being honest with the people of Minnesota about where he stands. This race isn't about... The Senate is about Norm Coleman. It's about Al Franken.

REPORTER: Yeah, but just to clarify. He's saying where he stands is where Barack Obama stands right now. I'm just trying to figure out whether where Coleman stands is aligned with Senator McCain.

Luke Friedrich: Well Senator Coleman is aligned with Senator Coleman's plan and I think that's the point that I want to make here. I think that again, if you look at Senator Coleman's plan he has a plan that will make sure that everyone has affordable access to health insurance, that we promote more responsibility, that we enact medical liability reform... Again a series of steps, things that he's been working on throughout his time in the Senate. I think that again Al Franken is missing the point here. What Minnesotans should choose between here in the Senate race is the vision of the health care plans of both candidates.

Where's the straight talk express when you need it?

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