Coleman: "Winning isn't about me."

Speaking before the Minnesota Republican State Central Committee this weekend, Norm Coleman assured those gathered that his unwillingness to recognize the recount tally and a District Court election ruling has nothing to do with him, his political career, or even the Republican Party.

Rather, his refusal to acknowledge reality is due to his love of America.

Chief among his worries: that a hypothetical split vote regarding union ballots might reach the Senate floor and that he would be unable to cast the tie-breaking vote. He also expressed concern that Senate democrats might be able to pass health care reform in his absence.

"Winning isn't about me," he said. "You know, it's not about me or even us as Republicans. It really is about this country. And about the future of the country. The one vote in the United States Senate, the one vote is a difference between possibly people losing the right to a secret ballot in a union election, or not ... One vote, one vote between the potentiality of a slippery slide into the path of government-controlled health care."

Here's the video:

Hat tip: The Uptake

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