Coleman win still a long shot, FiveThirtyEight analyst says

Norm Coleman's campaign has been on a court-filled high for the last day after the three-judge panel hearing his election recount contest agreed to review 4,800 previously rejected absentee ballots in Minnesota.

Well, FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver strolls in and shits on the party. Don't get your hopes up, he says. He compares it to a totally lame dude's attempt to date a girl: You can ask a girl out three times and your chances of winning her over don't get any better as you continue to stalk and creep her out. 
More from FiveThirtyEight:
Consider the absentee ballots flagged by Coleman for being "wrongly rejected" that were actually considered by the counties earlier this month. Of about 150 absentee ballots that, having already been rejected twice by the counties (once on Election Night and then again pursuant to a court order), were triple-checked by the counties for potentially being wrongly rejected, only 1 was determined by county officials to be a valid ballot. At that rate of success, Coleman's 4,800 ballots would turn into a grand total of ... 32 that are actually deemed to have been rejected improperly. 
Don't be impressed, in other words, by the sheer number of ballots under review.
The Coleman campaign, from what best I can tell, appears to be asking for a review of essentially every absentee ballot that they believe is more likely to contain a Coleman vote than a Franken vote. But these ballots have already been evaluated once, twice, and in some cases three times, and at each stage they have been determined to have been rejected properly.
Read the rest of his analysis here.