Coleman will announce next spring if he plans to run for governor


Everyone wants to know if we'll have to endure more of Norm Coleman politics if he chooses to run for governor in 2010. But the former senator who just lost his seat by hundreds of votes to Al Franken wants to keep us waiting.

Coleman said he won't announce if he will be running for governor until March or April 2010. We're thinking he hopes we will have all forgotten this ridiculous recount by then and fall in love with his toothy grin once again.

Not so fast. KSTP calls him out for being a giant tease. So is he planning to run or not?

His statement, according to the Pioneer Press:
Coleman... said Monday: "I clearly do not intend to rule out anything."

"After enduring the longest election campaign in Minnesota history, I am not looking to break the record by starting another anytime soon. I intend to do a lot of fishing, spend time with my family and make a living," Coleman said. He has not said whether he has a new job lined up, but that might be disclosed soon.

"The time will come to make a decision about the governor's race, and when it does, if I choose to run, I am confident that I will have the necessary resources, support and enthusiasm to wage a successful campaign," he said.

Unfortunately we almost feel a little sorry for Coleman. With such a tight race till the very end, Coleman likely ruined his political career fighting the good fight. And we know Franken would have done the same thing had the tables been turned.

But KSTP says Coleman has already made up his mind not to run. So why is he keeping us waiting for another year? We think he wants to gauge people's willingness to embrace him once again.

According to KSTP, Coleman has been telling close friends and family he won't run again. Check out their report: