Coleman warms hearts with last ad


Sen. Norm Coleman will air his last ad debut tonight at 6:58 on the major TV networks, according to the Pioneer Press. Pulling at heart strings, Coleman reminds voters of all of the great small things he's done, minus the alleged $75,000 gift from his buddy. He's real and his supporters say so.

Here is the video:

Transcript below.

The transcript from the Pi Press:

Norm Coleman: The key to impacting somebody’s life is the ability to, in the end, deliver on the promise. ON SCREEN: an adoption story Jason Thimjon: Adoption through Haiti is incredibly chaotic. Some of the rules for getting the children out of the county had changed. ON SCREEN: revitalizing St. Paul Rick Aguilar: The city had really taken a blow financially. It was a frightening sight because, you know, St. Paul was always such a vibrant city. ON SCREEN: a child with cancer Kris Rech, Wyatt’s Mom: We got there, we attended a meeting for CureSearch and within two hours of being in the meeting we knew that there was no funding for childhood cancer. ON SCREEN: a small town in need New Auburn City Council member Catherine Lorenz: We had to raise our water rates by 2,484%. We have people that are actually going to move out of town because they could no longer afford water. Norm Coleman: The business of serving the people is about making a difference and about doing something, not just fighting about it, not just criticizing, but doing something about it. Jason Thimjon: First thing I thought of was Senator Coleman because I knew he took a special interest in adoption. Rachel Thimjon: It was very nice just to have somebody we could call to say “what do we do?” Kris Rech: He listened to what we had to say, asked questions, and before we left his office, we knew he was going to do something to help us. Catherine Lorenz: Norm Coleman kept his promise. He said if this doesn’t work, we’ll keep trying, we’ll fight for you. He really saved our town. Rick Aguilar: Norm had the vision, the river, this whole plan of uniting business, of working with the communities. Duane Alberts, MN farmer: Norm Coleman understands that the wealth of this nation is created by individuals, not the government Chanhassen Mayor Tom Furlong: And that’s what we need in Washington, people that recognize that they represent individuals – not this group or that group or this special interest, but they represent people. Norm Coleman: I think the key to impacting somebody’s life is the ability to, in the end, deliver on the promise. And I focus both on the promise and I focus on delivering on the promise. Janie Norby: What makes Norm good at his job is that he does care. He’s real, he’s compassionate. Catherine Lorenz: It really restored my faith and my trust in our system. It made me realize that there are good people in office. ON SCREEN: Norm Coleman The Leader We Need. Now. Norm Coleman: I’m Norm Coleman. I approve this message and ask for your vote on Tuesday.

Can Coleman sway voters with this heart-warming ad after his last smear campaign this weekend? We're not so sure.