Coleman wants to use campaign funds for defense in Kazeminy suit


People usually assume they will be helping a candidate get elected to office when they donate to campaigns. Well don't be so silly. Some candidates want to use that cash to defend themselves in completely unrelated lawsuits where they aren't even named a defendant.

Or maybe this is just a Norm Coleman idea. According to The Hill: Coleman is asking the Federal Election Commission if he can use his campaign funds for a defense against allegations in a lawsuit involving a buddy and campaign donor, Nasser Kazeminy. Kazeminy is accused of funneling $75,000 to the workplace of Coleman's wife.

Coleman is not even accused of accepting any of the money or knowing about Kazeminy's alleged plan. The lawsuit was filed in Texas.

More from The Hill:

Coleman's campaign filed the request for an FEC advisory opinion April 3 -- the day after The Hill reported he had failed to follow through on a promise to seek one. Members of Coleman's campaign had said months before that they would seek FEC permission to use the funds.

The request noted that certain ethics groups have called for an investigation of Coleman, and that he could be dragged into Kazeminy's case.